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I love this. You perfectly summed up so many thoughts I have after 15 years of professional programming (including the comment about ChatGPT's code).

The best way to learn the value of simple code is to be the person who has to pick it up again... preferably in an emergency where you have to make and deploy a change very quickly, and also be confident that you're not going to take the system down.

You REALLY appreciate simple code in environments like that.

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>when it comes to performance reviews, this code looks trivial

Ah, the not-so-palatable non-tech stuff that is needed to survive and get ahead in Big Cos. I wonder what it takes to change one's mindset from say, working forever in startups where the focus is on shipping, to moving to Big Co where one has to pay attention to these "other" things. Is it even possible?

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Instead of trying to use "clear" and "readable" as milestones on the path of good/better coding or pretending that you have suddenly reached programming nirvana, perhaps it would be best to focus on the aspect of coding which is CURRENTLY considered most important.

It wasn't always this way, might not be like this again, and isn't necessarily the objective best.

The plainest way of summarizing the concept is "How well will the least intelligent programmer you work with be able to understand this code?".

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