> Limited, proven choices was a good thing

I remember reading that one of the benefits of microservices architecture is that you expose your DBs and logic through APIs so each team has its own technology choices...

But a certain level of standards is always beneficial, otherwise, you have knowledge silos inside the company because one team wouldn't want to even look at another's team service because it has completely different technology choices.

And looking at Pinterest at the time of 3 engineers, that seems very dangerous. If one engineer implements something in a technology that the others are not familiar with, they wouldn't jump into working on it.

Great post Leo, thanks for finding and simplifying good content :)

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Oct 6, 2023Liked by Leonardo Creed

Very simple to understand, excellently written.

I am curious in knowing why Cloudfront was replaced with akamai, and elastic search with Apache Solr.

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Very interesting read! I'm curious about that latest jump (11M to 22M users, 11 to 40 engineers). I'm guessing it had more to do with developing features, that maintaining the infrastructure?

I mean in the 1-6 engineers days, they probably worked just to keep everythng running, without any innovation.

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Dec 23, 2023·edited Dec 23, 2023

Great article! With the embrace of denormalization, how did the team handle data consistency across tables/rows?

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